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Keenbot represents a comprehensive Discord bot project, comprising a sophisticated React-based dashboard and an integrated bot leveraging Node.js. The project aims to enhance the Discord server experience by providing a multitude of functionalities, including moderation, leveling, currency, games, and more.

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Sun Jul 07 2019

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Wed Nov 23 2022

About :-

KEEN is a Multi-Purpose discord bot that was created to make the Discord server more enjoyable and easier to manage the bot contains many categories such as moderation, leveling, currency, games, and more we have a lot of commands and we will add more.

  • - KEEN is only here to make your OWN BEST DISCORD SERVER!
  • - Everything you want behind one PREFIX
  • - Developers update KEEN every day to make it do whatever you want.

KEEN has

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  • - Security 🔰
  • - Moderation ⚒️
  • - Fun Commands 🎳
  • - Economy 💸
  • - Leveling 🥇
  • - Giveaways 🎉