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Websites Technologies Identifier

Websites Technologies Identifier

Identify website technologies, shows you what websites are built with.

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Tue Apr 09 2024

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Wed Apr 10 2024

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Driven by an insatiable curiosity that often leads me to explore the diverse landscapes of technology, I embarked on a project that merged utility with innovation. The core idea was to develop a Chrome extension capable of unveiling the technology stack behind any website. This project was realized in two major phases: the creation of a dedicated API and the development of the extension itself.

The initial phase involved designing an API that serves as the backbone of the project. This API is tasked with aggregating comprehensive information about the technology used by websites.

Following the API's completion, the focus shifted to developing the Chrome extension. This extension interfaces with the API to fetch data, which it then presents through an elegantly designed user interface. The UI is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for users who wish to discover the technological foundations of any site.

I am proud to introduce this Chrome extension as the first project of its kind that I have undertaken. It stands as a testament to my passion for web technologies and my commitment to creating tools that enhance our understanding and interaction with the digital world.