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Using my gained experience in C# while developing my first Unity game "The Ranch" to build a notification system package and publish it on the Unity Store.

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Sat Dec 02 2023

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Sun Mar 17 2024

About :-

Toastify is a lightweight and customizable toast notification system. Toast notifications serve as unobtrusive, transient messages that provide users with information about specific events or actions within the application.


- Simple Integration: Easily integrate toast notifications into your Unity project with minimal setup.

- Customization Options: Customize the appearance and behavior of toasts, including position, duration, title, and type.

Customize the appearance of toast cards with new color options.

  • background: Set the background color of the toast card.
  • textColor: Define the text color of the toast card.

- Flexible Toast Types: Define different toast types, each associated with a distinct color and icon, such as Success, Error, Warning, and Information.

- Event Hooks: Attach callbacks to toast events, such as on open and on close, to execute specific actions based on user interactions.

- Position Control: Choose from four predefined positions (TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight) to display toasts where they best fit your UI.

- Cancellable Toasts:

  • Introducing the ability to cancel specific toasts based on their unique identifiers.
  • Use ToastifyManager.CancelToast(string id) to programmatically cancel and remove a specific toast by providing its ID.
  • Returns true if the toast is successfully canceled, and false if the specified toast ID is not found.